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The United Kingdom is one of those countries where reading is a very popular activity among locals. You can find here a wide range of bookshops, most of them offering books of all types. If you are curious what the most appreciated novels are, then have a look at the following UK top 5 books that English people absolutely love.

1. The Mister The Mister is written by E L James and it is a thrilling romance. In case you don’t know, E L James is the famous author of the bestselling Fifty Shades trilogy. It tells the story of an individual called Maxim Trevelyan, with plenty of aristocratic connections and lots of money who is hit by several tragedies. However, this is not Maxim’s biggest challenge, because he must fight his desire for an enigmatic young woman who recently moved in England and who has a quite dangerous past. All in all, The Mister is a very captivating story that you will certainly love.

2. Hinch Yourself Happy Another popular and highly appreciated book in the United Kingdom is Hinch Yourself Happy. The main character, Mrs Hinch has taken the nation by storm with her addictive charm, interesting yet useful tidying tips, and passionate belief in cleaning. She invites readers into her house in order to discover how a spot of cleaning is actually the most efficient way to cleanse your soul. What you will learn by reading this book is how cleaning can sooth anxiety and stress, amazing steps to hinching your house, and much more. Whether you are a daily duster or you are just looking for a monthly makeover, this book will show you how to have a clean house and you to become a calmer person as well.

3. Normal People Normal People is also a very interesting book that English people love a lot. It is about two people, Marianne and Connell who grew up in the same town, but the similarities end there. Their lives become increasingly more different until something life-changing begins. This wonderful story of mutual fascination, friendship, and love will definitely touch your heart.

4. Pieces of Her Pieces of her is a thrilling book written by Karin Slaughter who is actually No. 1 internationally bestselling author. Pieces of Her is about a woman whose life is built on a big lie. However, this shocking act is only the start. A piece of survival with challenging situations, this book will certainly become your favorite once you read it. You can find it in nearly every bookshop across the UK, as it is a very popular book.

5. Heads You Win This thrilling novel is written by Jeffrey Archer. Archer is also the author of the Clifton Chronicles and Kane and Abel. Heads You Win tells the story of a young man called Alexander Karpenko, who is destined to lead his countrymen. When his father is assassinated, Alexander and his mother must escape Russia in order to survive. The entire journey is very thrilling and the final twist will definitely shock even the most ardent fans.

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